Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Behind Every Photo Lies a Story

I had a lot of fun taking these photos around my yard. The first photo, taken near the front of my house, was candid. My sister was about to take the shot when I noticed a car coming down the road and quickly turned to walk away so as not to be seen. I suppose if I want to extend my range of settings in my shots, I need to get used to taking photos within the privacy of my home. And when one leaves one's comfort zone, one expands one's comfort zone, so I definitely plan on taking some public shots in the future. Quote me:)

Fun Fact: I took a bunch of "action" shots in which I danced and ran around in my side yard. Apparently my sister and I made a bit of a commotion, as two tiny kids (and their dog on a leash) from next door came up to their fence and peered at us with curiosity. It was the sweetest sight. The last shot is the only one I posted of the action shots, and doesn't it look as if I'm in the middle of an avant-garde dance movement in it?

Dress: Forever 21
Heels: Madden Girl

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