Saturday, September 19, 2009

Reminiscing those Summer Days

To piggyback off yesterday's post, here are some of my beach shots from the summer.

These are photos from a four day beach trip I took with my boyfriend in Wildwood, NJ back in August.

My boyfriend thought these balls weren't attached to the ground. Please take a moment to make fun:)

Trekking to the beach.

Sand castle? More like a sand ancient temple!

Jellyfish on a boogie board.

Polish Water Ice. One word: yum!

And the photos below are of a short, one day beach trip taken with my boyfriend in Long Branch, NJ today. The last beach trip of most likely the entire year:(

The waves weren't as fierce as they were at the previous beach, but they were better than none at all.

A seagull pecking into someone's plastic bag, presumably filled with food or garbage. Priceless.

Seagull rock.

Seashells I collected! I'm thinking of using these for a project or two, and if so, I'll definitely post the final products of them!

An interesting seashell sculpture we stumbled upon.

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  1. What projects are you going to undertake with the shells?